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Give Em Hell
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Мнение от Give Em Hell »

1. Each server administrator / moderator / responsible is obliged to follow the rules of the servers!
Failure to comply with any of the rules, depending on the violation, will result in a +1warning or revocation of rights!
2. Banning from the server is completely prohibited for the following things:
For swearing, insults, spam, advertising there is a Gag Menu! - in case of banning a player for such a violation, the rights of the administrator should be directly removed.
For FreeKiil or other violation of the rules in the JailBreak server there is a specially designed ban - Ban Guard! Use only it!
If a player is banned from the server for such a violation, the rights are directly removed.
3. The vulgar behavior of the team members is completely forbidden - swearing, insults, nagging with the players, etc.!
In case of such a violation, the rights should be directly revoked.
CrossFire.com team members should set an example to other players on the server and help them with every issue!
4. Biases towards any player by team members are prohibited!
You have to help and respond to each player, not just friends, acquaintances and so on.
5. Slay, slap, kick, etc. are prohibited of players in the show servers that camp! Everyone has the right to play the way they want, wants and thinks is the best!
There is a slay losers plugin that slays the player at the end of the round when he has not defused the bomb or planted it.
In case of violation of this rule, the rights should be revoked! `
5.1. Slay, slap, kick, etc. are absolutely forbidden. in the deathrun server during happy hour! The rest of the time the server has protection that detects players and punishes them automatically!
In case of violation of this rule, the rights should be revoked!
5.1. The JailBreak server forbids slay, slap and grab for no good reason, as well as the abuse of the admin / revive command.
6. The following is prohibited on the Knife Respawn server:
Kill players with a hook!
to play with the grab command! It is mostly used to move players who are AFK out of reach.
7. Bans with reasons such as "I'm waiting for a demo", "camper", etc., which are found on teen servers, are completely banned.
There will be no compromises with each such ban and your rights will be removed.
8. Servers have protections from all kinds of tools and you need to be more than sure when banning for gambling.
9. It is forbidden to interfere with the SIMON microphone in the JailBreak server!
10. Spam in the chat and on the microphone by the team members is prohibited!
11. The Jump (10 / 100aa) server for admins has the following restrictions:
1. It is forbidden to not following the interests of the players, mainly when one of their administrators is playing a map, NOT to change the map if the players are currently playing and / or do not want to play another map and / or the specific map!
2. It is forbidden to vote by the respective admin command, when it is NOT necessary and NOT warned about it (for the vote)!
3. It is forbidden to gag players for comments such as: "dumb / dead map" and so on, because everyone happens to get nervous if they continue with spam and this behavior, warn them to stop if they do not continue, they will stop on their own!
4. It is forbidden to change the map directly without it being necessary and or without Warning the players!
5. It is forbidden to change / vote on a difficult map in the main presence of beginner players!
6. It is forbidden to respond to insults addressed to you, you have a gag, you must set an example, not maintain chaos!
7. It is forbidden in the presence of beginner players who need help and have asked you for help - to ignore them!
The easiest way is to type / savepos, then with / goto go to the specific player, show him the way or show him how to jump the specific difficult place, after you have helped to write / spec to remove the protection from / goto then M and 4, press E on the start button and then a menu will appear - press Reload previous run! and then you unpause and continue where you left off!

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